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Creative Summer Jobs Series #1: Canvas Walk

This summer, we here at Dansverkstæðið are facilitating space for groups of young artists taking part in Hitt Húsið's Skapandi Sumarstörf initiative. In this mini-interview series, we'll present these groups and highlight their ongoing projects.


Strigagangur in Danswerkstæðið: Sverrir Gauti Svavarsson, Kolfinna Íngólfsdóttir and Cristina Agueda

First up are Strigagangur, a performance group that connects visual arts with dance and combines the two into performance happenings. The group consists of Sverrir Gauti Svavarsson, Kolfinna Íngólfsdóttir and Cristina Agueda, who met while taking a class together at the ballet school Klassiski Listdansskólinn.


They recently did a public performance on Iceland's national holiday, June 17. "We sewed together many blankets so we had kind of a stage," says Kolfinna. "We mixed together water and paint and we danced in the paint so we were making a painting with our bodies."


Their performances focus on showing process and live interaction between each other, speaking to each other and asking questions to push the piece forward.


"If you think about it maybe it was kind of awkward for people, but..." Kolfinna trails off and Sverrir Gauti jumps in: "For us, it was just trying to figure out what we were going to do for the rest of the half an hour.


"We're thinking about the concept of you going to an exhibition or a show and it's always the perfect outcome," says Cristina. "You can't see any failure or anything. You don't know the process. And we're working with showing the process, showing that we do make mistakes, that it's okay, and that everybody can do what they want."


"We show that art pieces don't have to be perfect to be complete," adds Kolfinna.


Now they are planning their 'Fantastic Friday' performance which is part of the initiative's platform. Their next event will not be a repetition of the last.


"We're always doing something different each time we go out," says Cristina.


"We try to explore more ways to perform this visual art, dance and choreography together," continues Sverrir Gauti.


Catch their upcoming performance on June 25 from 12:00-16:00. Location to be announced on their Instagram: @strigagangur

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