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Be Part!


Be Part!

Be Part! is a two-years long international project of BPART z.s., Dansverskaedid, Meeting Brno festival and Mezi ploty festival involving Iceland, Czechia, Mexico, Italy, Canada and the United States, which uses the artistic process as a tool to support the development of civil society, a sense of belonging and the visibility of marginalized groups.


The basic pillar of the Be Part! is a bilateral collaboration between artists and organizations from the Czech Republic and Iceland, to which professional artists from another country are invited in each part of the cycle: Brno - Foco alAire (MX), Reykjavík - Zerogrammi (IT), Prague - & 44 Art Productive (USA/CA).  


An international team of professional performers applies the principles of the leading ensemble's performance to selected communities in Brno (2022), Reykjavík (2023) and Prague (2023), and the entire cycle of community work will be concluded by an international conference (2023), where the results of the accompanying sociologic research will be presented.

In icelandic part of the project, an international team of professional performers applies the principles of the performance Elegìa delle cose perdute to work with the community of refugees and asylum seekers. 


Be part of Elegía delle cose perdute


This time, a team of ten professional performers from the Czech Republic and Iceland met in the northernmost capital of the world - Reykjavík - and worked with the local refugee community for almost three weeks under the leadership of the Italian company Zerogrammi.​The international company’s collaborative work began with an intensive seminar with Zerogrammi. The group from the Czech Republic and Iceland became familiar with the Italian ensemble’s performance Elegìa delle cose perdute and work with them to extract its essence and create a structure for the subsequent work with refugees. The final performance of Elegìa delle cose perdute took place on February 11, 2023. ​In Iceland. 


More than 60 refugees and asylum seekers participated in the project in Iceland.


The project took place in cooperation with Reykjavík City Library, the Red Cross Iceland, Idnó theatre, Gerdarsafn Kópavogur Art Museum, Reykjanesbaer Municipality, Hamarinn Youth Centre and other partners. 


The Project Be Part! is supported by EEA and Norwegian funds in program Culture 2014-2021

The Be Part of Elegía delle cose perdute project is implemented with financial support from the National Recovery Plan, the Status of the Artist initiative, call No. 5/2022 (Mobility II), project registration number 0215000050.

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The project is funded by: 
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