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What we do

Dansverkstæðið – work rooms for choreographers, was started in 2010 by a group of choreographers who wanted to improve the working conditions of dance artists. Dansverkstæðið rents out studios to performing artists of all kinds; dance, theatre, opera and circus. It is also possible to rent spaces for courses and workshops, meetings or events.

Dansverkstæðið organizes morning classes and workshops for dancers and other performing artists. Through international projects, Dansverkstæðið opens new opportunities for dance artists and contributes to the development of the art form.

Reykjavík Dance Festival, The Icelandic Association of Professional Dancers and other dance organizations are based in Dansverkstæðið, making Dansverkstæðið a lively meeting place and home for the freelance dance scene in Iceland.




We are a shelter for talent and curiosity that is constructive, shares knowledge and nourishes the artist in a spirit of community.


We connect individuals and groups  to the community and the world. A bridge between micro and macro. 


With our voice we influence, share knowledge and create conversations. 


We are a space for creative chaos.

These values of Dansverkstæðið

were agreed upon in February 2016

Dansverkstæði Portraits-26.jpg

Tinna Grétarsdóttir


The board of Dansverkstæðið 2023

Rósa Ómarsdóttir, chairman

Sigurður Arent Jónsson, secretary

Bryndís Nielsen, treasurer

Valgerður Rúnarsdóttir

Snædís L Ingadóttir


Melkorka S Magnúsdóttir

Heba Eir Jonasdóttir Kjeld

Staff & board

Starfsfólk og stjórn


Dansverkstæðið is a partner with Icelandic and international groups, institutions and individuals in a variety of projects.

  • NB8: Nordic circle Mentoring Program is a capacity building mentorship program and network for freelance dance producers. 

  • CROWD - international dance exchange is a collaborative network of dance organisations, together seeking to support dance makers who engage with communities as part of their practice.

  • Keðja is an informal international network of dance organisations. Next event is Keðja STRETCH Vitlycke 2023

  • BPART - Be Part! is an international collaboration that stretches over a two-year cycle involving the Czech Republic, Mexico, Italy, Canada the United States and Iceland, which uses the artistic process as a tool to support the development of civil society, create a sense of belonging and increase visibility of marginalised groups. The project is financed by the EEA Fund and Norway.


Our story

Dansverkstæðið was founded in 2010 by a group of choreographers looking for a place to practice and develop their art and career. With support from Reykjavik city, they were able to rent the 4th floor in an abandoned biscuit factory on Skúlagata 28. Wooden floors were installed and the walls painted before the opening on October 1st. 

After almost two years at Skúlagata 28, Dansverkstæðið moved to Skúlagata 30, 2nd floor and continued their work there until August 2017, when they had to move out because of housing development in the area. It took a year to secure new facilities and get them renovated to fit the needs of dancers, choreographers and other performing artists. Renovation was still under way in autumn 2018 when the first artists started rehearsing in the new facilities at Hjarðarhagi 47. Finally in autumn 2019 Dansverkstæðið had the official opening event, raising the two Dansverkstæðið flags in front of the house.

Skýrslur um dans

Reports on dance

Icelandic Dancers Association (FÍLD) and Dansverkstæðið have commissioned interesting reports about dance in Iceland. All reports are in Icelandic.

Screenshot 2022-12-12 at 13.31.31.png

Dance direction 22/23

​FILD, 2022


Dance House in Iceland

Samtök um Danshús,

Íslenski dansflokkurinn

and RDF, 2017


Dance Education in Iceland

FÍLD, 2011


Dance Vision 10/20

FÍLD, 2010


Suggestions for a Dance House

FÍLD, 2007


Ministry of Education, Science and Culture

supports Dansverkstæðið

IS Fjármagnað af Evrópusambandinu_POS.jpg

Erasmus+ supports special projects 


City of Reykjavík

supports Dansverkstæðið

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